Beautifully Small House Design (7 x 8 Meters) -- A cozy home certainly requires the right design so that the small size still feels spacious and functional. This home design will be an interesting reference for those of you who will build a comfortable home with your family. Check out Beautifully Small House Design (7 x 8 Meters).

Exterior design

This house has a great exterior design with an elevated section so it will be very safe for low-lying areas. At the front there is a small porch that can be filled with a few chairs to relax. The roof design uses a gable type which makes the house look very neat and minimalist.

Living room design

For the interior, let's take a look at the very front of the house, the living room. The clever arrangement of furniture makes the small room feel very cozy. The combination of white and vibrant colors can give a more fun impression. In the side area, there is also a large window with a curved pattern that gives a wider look.

Kitchen and dining area

To the rear, the dining area and kitchen are unified but still have a distance to access each area. There is an open wall that separates it from the living area. The back is also equipped with a back door to optimize air circulation.

Bedroom design

The bedroom is designed to be very cozy complete with furniture arrangement. To place the bed in the center, the right and left areas can be filled with side tables. Interesting details on the headboard wall add a decorative impression that beautifies the room.

Floor plan design

This house can be built with a size of 7 x 8 meters with several rooms inside including a porch, living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and a spacious back porch. See the room layout in the picture above.

Source : TM Studio - Small House Design

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