3-Bedroom Two Storey House Design (8 x 7.5 m)

Homeshabby.com -- This house design has a beautiful look by using a natural concept. The 2-storey building structure is also an interesting choice to make the owner to still have complete facilities with a land area that does not need to be too large. For more details of this house design, check out 3-Bedroom Two Storey House Design (8 x 7.5 m).

Exterior design

The front of this house looks very beautiful with a choice of soft natural colors with a touch of natural stone that makes it look more alive. The windows are also designed neatly and precisely on the first and second floors, making it one of the details that make this house look amazing.

Roof design

The roof design uses a pyramid type that is made elongated by adjusting the size of the building. The roof is made wide so that the house is more shady. On one side, there is a firewall that makes the house safer and has a neat finish. There is an open balcony with a minimalist black railing.

First floor plan

For the first floor, this house design has several rooms in an area measuring 7.5 x 8 meters. Some of the facilities on the first floor area include a carport, living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry area.

Second floor plan

The second floor has some more personalized rooms such as bedrooms. 3 bedrooms are all on this second floor. In addition, there is an altar, a bathroom, and a balcony that is great for outdoor entertaining.

Interior design

For an example of the interior, this house has a modern space with very interesting details ranging from the use of slatted walls and also elegant marble patterns. At the very front, there is a neatly arranged sofa near the stairs and facing the TV cabinet. The interior with optimal lighting is also able to provide beautiful decorative accents and make the room look spacious.

Bedroom design

This is a master bedroom design that is made more spacious than the others. On the wall area there is a wall batten with additional LED light that adds a warm atmosphere. On the other side, there is also a closet to facilitate the owner's activities.

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