5+ Pretty Dining Rooms Designed with Intimate Entertaining in Mind

 Homeshabby.comNot only in restaurants or cafes you can enjoy delicious food. You can design and decorate your home into a café or restaurant to make you excited to enjoy your dishes. Come on, some dining room designs below you might be able to try at home.

Perfect dining room for an apartment


No need to worry if you live in an apartment. Indeed, the apartment is synonymous with a narrow and small room, there is also rarely a dining room. You design the dining room by utilizing the space in it.

Like near the living room or kitchen for example. Arrange it in such a way and adjust the furniture so that you have a comfortable and aesthetic dining room in your apartment.

Dining room with a view


The dining room which is one room with the kitchen is widely applied and also saves space. To make it more attractive, you can design this room to have a slick view if it is adjacent to the outdoors. You can install a large enough glass window or sliding door with glass material as a room divider for outdoor.

Warm design for a small dining room


The use of calm and calm colors in the dining room does give a different feel. You can get this color from white paint, wood material, and also fresh plants that decorate the dining room area.

Fresh green floral theme


If you like green, you can apply this color to the design and decoration of the dining room in your home. Use fresh green or sage green to make the room look more elegant.

Tiny dining room in the space


Using a corner area or space at home as a dining room is certainly a good thing. Make sure you put furniture for the dining room according to the size of the place to be used. This is so as not to interfere with the function of the room and also not to make the impression of a mess.

Rug under the dining table


Add a rug at the bottom of the dining table for a warm and cute accent. You can put a carpet that has a pattern or just plain for it. This is according to your preferences and also the aesthetic balance of the room.

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