Savvy Ideas To Make Home Look Bigger And Brighter

 Homeshabby.comUsually, in a dwelling, there is a small space and rarely used. This will certainly make the interior messy and sometimes look unkempt.

Not only space, but some rooms if not designed correctly will certainly also make the dwelling look irregular and can reduce the comfort of residents.

For that, below are some design ideas and tips so that your residence feels comfortable even though it is small in size. Let's take a look!

Good arrangement


One common tip if you want to redesign a room is, to make the right arrangements. Before that, it is necessary to know the size, function, and nature of a room.

If the room is medium in size and has a lighting source such as a window, you can put some furniture or items that fit the size and certainly do not block the window.

Use bright hues


The use of light colors such as white can help a small room look more spacious and bright. In addition, applying light colors in some items will provide a matching accent with the interior which is also light in color.

Hang mirror at a narrow area


If you have a small room, try hanging a mirror on the wall. Then add decorations such as plants or lights. This will certainly make a small room look wider because of the reflection from the mirror.

Make void area with plants


Having a void area can provide a kind of oasis for your dwelling. Try using a transparent roof for this void area. Then place the plant to give freshness to the room.

Pair hidden lamp


For a closed room without windows or ventilation, it is necessary to use additional lighting. In addition to the main light, you can install hidden lamps. Install it in a place that has the darkest spot and this will help a small room look nicer.

Hang the TV for a spacious area


Installing a TV hung on the wall in the living room can certainly provide a broad accent. In other ways, this also makes the living room more efficient and tidier.

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