Simple Way to Make the Atmosphere of the House Feel Cool


Simple way to make the atmosphere of the house feel cool -- Easy ways to make your home cooler are very diverse in many ways. One of them is by giving a touch of green color to certain areas of the house. In addition, plants can also affect the atmosphere of the house is cooler as well as ventilation that you apply.

The following interior and also exterior house that you can try to change!

Modern minimalist house facade

The design of this house has a simple exterior. Has a large yard fit enough for private vehicles. Wooden fences and brown color provide a comfortable and cool atmosphere of plants outside the fence lined up. 

Fresh living room of the house

Green color is indeed one way to make the terrace house more soothing. Not only on the walls, sofas, carpets and also green plant make the room more comfortable. Fresh air from the window, making the circulation of incoming air more maximal.

The family room is comfortable and nice

Functional as a family room and reading area. This family room places a tool for bookshelves with a unique design simpler. This monochrome patterned sofa is very compatible between black and white lounge chairs. You can put only one plant type of Sansivieria or Monstera for a cooler and more comfortable.

Work space to make your day more productive

Piled up office work is often carried home. And this you can do at home casually in the work area. A table with a set of chairs is available for your seat as well as your work items. The front area filled with decorations gives a feeling of excitement and calmer. 

Tropical bedroom

Tropical concept is very compatible when combined with green color. Like this room that uses colorful leas motif sheets give a more expressive impression. Especially with the walls made laser cut accents appear homey and stylish.

Fun open plan kitchen and dining room

Fun atmosphere when cooking in the kitchen will be comfortable if done with your beloved family, Although minimalist, you can try the open plan space between dining rooms to make more functional.
A little tropical motif for the table mat and cabinet cover kitchen to be more stylish and neat.

Ready to for e renovation of the house with simple concept that cools like design above?
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