7+ 3-Bedroom House Concepts Ideas In 2021

Homeshabby.com - Having a house with 3 bedroom in it makes for an interesting experience for families. Children's rooms separated from parents can also provide comfort for all members of the house. Not only that, with a three-bedroom house, you can maximize other space such a s kitchen, living room, TV room and even swimming pol in the vicinity.

Interesting of course, various houses with 3 room that have different sizes will be distributed specifically for you. Here is the floor plan of the house and its space :

3 Bedroom houses size 12 x 11 m 

Complete facilities for a house size of 12 x 11 m will help you with a more comfortable family. Three bedroom s place in a corner of the house to keep away from public access such as living rooms. The open plan living room and dining room area is chosen to provide a harmonious and more comfortable atmosphere.

House size 14 x 24 m 

Consider the house for other uses such as garden and also backyard home need to be done. Without compromising space, the bedroom facilities in this house are quite unique. One master bedroom with a back area for children's bedrooms fits two people.  

A large enough carport can also support cars and bicycles in the front area is more comfortable if you use the fence as a safety.

House size 16.5 x 31 m

The unique shape of this elongated house is quite spacious and a relief. Garage inside the house feels safer. The side of the house is given space as a way to avoid seepage in the rainy season arrives. 

Space facilities do not need to worry about, completeness of bedroom, bathroom, living room and other public access is enough to do your family activities.

House size 10 x 13 m

The house with a rectangular shape if 10 x 13 m has a very precise spatial arrangement. Two bedroom s are located in the front area an the other in the back corner gives family members more comfort. 

Public space that is in the middle of the space with this barrier  is quite functional and more privacy.

House size 10 x 20 m

The size of the house is quite spacious with a carport area and also a wider backyard suitable for semi outdoor activities on weekends. Public spaces such as living room in the firs area of the house are flanked by two bedrooms with a small size. 
The kitchen located in the back area appears to be open between the back porch of the house.

House size 15 x 21 

The rest of the land is quite large at home you can use as a garden and front yard of the house. As well as the rest of the land next to the house that is used for access to the back of the house without going through  the main door. The one main bedroom in front has an private bathroom. 

And the other two bedrooms are in a fairly spacious and open back area between the back garden of the house.

House size 8.5 x 25 m

The garden in front of the house is very useful to provide freshness around the house. The concept of open plan public space gives the impression of spacious and more integrated without bulkheads. So is the kitchen and dining area at the very back. Has a large backyard, you can use for a mini garden and also a children's playground.

So you're read to build a house with a floor plan like the one above? Hopefully the floor plan can help you in designing the space appropriately and more maximally.

Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are looking for design inspiration home plans. May you be facilitated sustenance in building your dream home.

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Author    : Lynda
Editor     : Munawaroh
Source   : noman desain rumah

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