Stand Out From Home Inspiration, A Touch Of Cheerful Yellow Interior -- Has a minimalist house that looks small and crowded. If the arrangement and interior are used properly then there is no wrong space in it will feel a relief. The following inspirations regarding the interior design of the house with a touch of yellow color comes full of different joys. Want to know what the other room looks like, let's see...

Terrace  house

Presenting a cool atmosphere on the terrace of the house is quite easy to do. You need to put some plants as well as a roof cover to avoid direct sun exposure. use rattan lounge chairs to make it more enjoyable.

Living room

The touch of yellow color on the sofa in the living room gives its own fun and focal point. The existence of a large mirror as an illusion, making this living room more spacious. A little touch of natural material from rattan chairs and dry plants in the corner adds a dominant natural feel.


Even though it uses a touch of yellow color without being thorough, this room looks nice and cheerful. A combination of white color for bed linen and cushions with flowers is present to enliven this room make it more fun.


Scandinavian style featured in this minimalist kitchen. The combination of white and wood finishing gives a striking and homey impression. Without a cabinet as storage replaced with shelves to make it simple and more flexible.


Minimalist style is presented in this bathroom. White touch in the use of sanitation with a matching mix of brown parquet floors. Even if it's small without a bathtub and the bathroom sink is still functional.

Back garden of the house

Small space in the backyard area of the house is not rarely used as a relaxing area. Therefore the owner put two chairs with pads to make it more comfortable. Window accents on the right and left sides of this area look vintage and more aesthetic.

Interior design inspiration is hopefully able to provide a little reference about spatial planning with the use of finishing to match the interior to make it beautiful and attractive.

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Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are looking for design inspiration home plans. May you be facilitated sustenance in building your dream home.

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