Space Saving Dining Room -- The dining room is one of the places left unnoticed and will end up with a boring impression. Whereas the dining room is always a place to spend time together with family. Therefore it is nor wrong if you can organize the dining room regularly even with a small size. Wells o that the room in the dining area saves space and has a complete furniture as a supporter of activities, you can change the design of the dining room at home is more likely. Want to know what kind of space saving dining room design? Let's check out the following review.

Dining room by : ayudevinazalia

Open plan with kitchen area

Having limited space to add a place where it becomes and important necessity in a small house is quite confusing. But if you can think carefully the design of this one can be used as a reference. Make use of the empty space in the center of the kitchen with maximum functional. enough with a set of tables and chairs as a special place to gather and eat with the family accompanied by a minimalist interiors impressed airy.

Dining room by : babydinata

Save functional space

Sometimes the location of the dining room is quite difficult to look fit and comfortable. Take advantage of empty space with high functional. You can design this dining room with elegant minimalist interior of wood and iron material looks industrial. About the storage rack how? No need to worry about using the walls to make open shelves and tables as a place to eat and cook furniture.

Dining room by :desain_ruangmakan

Minimalism with open plan concept

For young couples to have a minimalist house is  quite in demand nowadays. No original if the concept of open plan is generally used in the interior of the room. As in this dining area which is sandwiched between the kitchen and the living room. The design of a budget dining room like this is not a difficult to try. Use a combination of furniture that is compatible with the dominance of white color to give the impression of airy and clean. 

Dining room by : dilahomedecorlover

Using a rack limiter with an action figure

Simple appearance of this dining room design carrier a modern style with a barrier as away to separate the kitchen and dining room. This action figure collection is place in the functional barrier to show the favorite collection. Selected all-black interior to give the impression of elegant. You can put this dining room in the area nearest the kitchen to make it easy to prepare a meal together.

Dining room by : gryapethak

Dining room in kitchen room

Quite functional if you combine the dining room and kitchen at once without seals, in addition to saving space you can freely chat with your husband. Decorating on the walls of this room azulejo motif for a classic and more artistic touch. Add hanging lamps to make the atmosphere warmer and more pleasant.

Dining room by

Space near functional stairs

Space under the stair is usually rarely used for space such as kitchen or dining room. Well the design this time  is quite creative and functional to make use of the area near the stairs. As a fitting decoration you can use scandinavian-style white interiors. Choose a small table and a long bench to sit to make it less minimal. Without having to take up a lot of places.

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