Small Living Room Design Ideas That Will Maximize Your Tiny Space -- If you have a cramped living room in the house to maximize it of course some tricks you can use. From space tricks to visual displays can provide a slick design for you to try. For families who live in minimalist houses you usually need to arrange in several ways. Small living room design ideas that can maximize the small space in the house you can try to apply.

Sofa letter L

Living room by : wulandiniayu

The use of sofas like it should be there for the living room. Besides being able to provide comfortable facilities for guests, this sofa you can choose with the shape if L in order to maximize your small space. Beautiful interior also affects the shape of a small living room, therefore you can put some minimalist decoration for the impression of airy and relieved.

Minimalist interior with focal point sofa

Living room by : rumahmungiltiara

It is not uncommon for minimalist homeowners to avoid bright and striking colors. This is avoided because it some more full color and make the look sick when looking at it. Precisely this thing you can actually try at home. Besides it will affect the atmosphere, the living room is also very exciting. You can choose the shape of long sofa with red color that can maximize the living room by facing the sofa to the main door. Open nuances of course you can feel, especially with the minimalist interior that is applicationd on the ways and also the door in this house.

Scandinavian style that wraps around the room feels more spacious

Living room by : rumah_aila

Present a minimalist white interior and a combination of gray and also brown is very dominant with scandinavian style. One way to maximize the living room in your house can choose the shape if a sofa with a medium size and complete also with a two-stacked table like this. Not complete if this scandinavian style you can add parquet material to the floor to impress more natural.  This style has a very bright nuance so that even a small room can look spacious.

Industrial style changes the atmosphere of space

Living room by :

Many minimalist homeowners nowadays like this the industrial impression for the interior arrangement. A touch of black color, iron material always gives a thick dominance to this style. In addition, the placement of seats also greatly affects the shape of the in the minimalist house you have. Medium size in the living room you can change by using a chair and do not need to add puffs or sofas in it, with a maximum ventilation, this living room can also get fresh air and impressed spacious.

Contemporary style that trumps conventional

Living room by : rena_iput

Usually young or have home when young and established will always want an a amazing interior and exterior.  Abd this is not a problem that is difficult enough to do. Just an examples of this contemporary style living room that present a soft touch of the sofa as well as painting on the walls. It seems that this living room is small and open plan between the rooms can serve for the use of family rooms. You can use this living room with two functions at once, but you only need to add iron chair  and also a coffee table for an elegant and more interesting impression.

Living room that can be  gathered with family

Living room by : delavalent

Besides being maximized for two rooms at once, the living room in a minimalist house usually combines two function for forging efficiency. You can choose soda furniture with elongated shape and facing the TV. The interior also greatly affect the space, then you  can choose with bright colors such as white, ivory or white lilac.

Some living room design in the house by maximizing the space you can do as above and also use the maximum interior and furniture. May you always be given health and also the blessings of life to have a house with attractive interiors.

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