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Saving-space Kitchen Tips : Under The Sink Storage Idea -  The area under the sink is usually left empty. In fact, this area can be put to good use for the sake of the aesthetic value of the kitchen and also for the easy cooking activity. If the size of your kitchen is limited, using it as a storage area is one of the solutions to meet your needs of storage space.
sliding door system

Here are some ideas to create under the sink storage:
First, you can use the area under the sink to store cooking utensils, ranging from the tray, pan, until the mixer to make a cake. In order to ease you to take such a wide range of cooking equipment, you can install the sliding door system. So, you just need to shift its pedestal and take the tools you need.

The key is quite easy; make sure you keep the tools that are rarely used in the rear and the tools frequently used at the front. That way, you can easily take the tools you usually use. Take advantage of the doors that cover the area under the sink to hang any utensils.
Kitchen set and dining table

Second, you can use the area as a place to store the cleaning fluid. Just like saving pans, you should also use a regulator of plastic so that there is more stuff that you can store in this place. If necessary, use a rotary tray that is usually used as a pedestal to put ketchup, sauces, and other condiments on the dining table. The swivel tray makes it easier to take the cleaning fluid that is in the back.

In addition, you can use a shelf or any plastic bottle/container to store cleaning equipment. The shelf allows you to store items with a neater and more accessible way.

Third, also use the area under the sink to put used plastic, cardboard, and used bottles. Tidy up the rubbish that can be recycled, including paper and envelopes of monthly bills at this place. You can re-use the plastic, newsprint, and the envelopes for various purposes, while you can clean the bottles for reuse, or just collect them for sale.

If the sink is in the bathroom, you can certainly use it to store various supplies of soap, shampoo, lotion, and toothpaste. The key is still the same, use a rack or plastic containers so that there are more items can be stored in it.

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