Clean and Pretty Laundry Design Ideas -- Some areas of the house that are often missed without a little attention other that the garden and bathroom are laundry areas. Whereas in this place you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere after all this time not feeling it. The first thing you can do to change the laundry at home to be beautiful is to have a room arrangement of furniture. Well some clean and beautiful laundry design ideas will be shared with 6 ideas that make you amazed and try the following new things.

Design by : rumahplong

Semi outdoor atmosphere

Put the laundry area in the house in an open space with the intention of lighting. Also use the roof cover to avoid getting wet when the rainy season arrives. You can add a rack as a hanger to dry quickly after washing.

Design by : ruma.ciel

Laundry in the corner of a secluded room

Utilizing one if the hidden spaces in the house will be very valuable to be done. Besides going to have maximum space in the house, a pleasant and fresh atmosphere like this can change the feeling of the heart to be more cheerful. The hidden laundry location is enough you combine with the impression of open to make it more enjoyable.

Design by : hesti.novitadewi

Natural concept 

The angle of space is very common if left unattended for useful areas. Well this time is definitely different, you can use a small corner in the house for the location of the laundry. No need with wow decorations to create a fresh atmosphere, you just choose natural furniture by adding some fresh plants around it.

Design by : lenimizzle

Monochrome style is more fun

Young couples area perfect to have a laundry design on this one. Look cleaner with a modern style monochrome theme looks more real. Just put some monstera down to make this laundry more alive and more exciting.

Design by : rumah_ve 

Different art deco

Different concept to provide laundry decoration in the house simply but with some geometric paintings to be more dimension. You can also use exposed brick materials to add a little natural style and more environmentally friendly.

Design by : evienion

Minimalist with natural lighting

It is exciting if you have the concept of laundry with maximum lighting form direct sunlight. Besides bright and look more refreshing, the presence of plants around this room helps the cool air feels more refreshing an appropriate for open laundry concept like this.

What about the laundry design above? Quite simple and newer, right? If you like some of the above design try to apply at home, to be more beautiful awhile paying attention to the cleanliness is more neat and charming.

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