Liven Up Ordinary Space With Creative Wallpaper -- Variations to bring the interior of the house to life, one of which you can present on the wall using wallpaper. The choice of wallpaper motifs is vert diverse you can customize and make the room more beautiful. Beside being able to give a broad impression, the use of wallpaper for the wall of the house can change the accents of the originally empty space. 6 Beautiful wallpaper designs you ca try decorating at home.

Design by : tyas.menjenk2

Triangle motif wallpaper

The bedroom becomes a favorite place to unwind for resident of the house must have beautiful decorations as comfort. This triangle motif wallpaper is simple application on  one wall to give it a beautiful look with adorable yellow and gray finishing.

Design by : rumah_ayudia

Classic wallpaper 

The classic style present in this room provides a warmer and softer atmosphere. To impress more homey use wallpaper as decoration for monotonous invisible space. Motifs that have a similar finishing with the interior of the brown color room looks natural and more fused.

Design by : java_wallpaper

Flower motif wallpaper embossed square shape

Monotonous impression for the living room will be very boring for guests who come. To be more synonymous, you can choose wallpaper motifs with flower and embossed to be more contained. Use this wallpaper for one side of the space to eliminate narrow whites you can choose.

Design by : rumah.nabawi

PVC square wallpaper

So that the modern style can be a focal point in one of the rooms in the house, you can switch to the wall decoration, The touch of this 3D wallpaper looks so homey and more animated, so it is compatible between the overall interior. Add exposure to make this wallpaper more visible and prominent.

Design by : homamemoo

3D brick expose wallpaper

Nowadays to give a natural accent is quite easy to do, ranging form the interior of the walls to the floor of the rooms. This choice of 3D brick expose wallpaper you can try to apply to make the room looks spacious and wide. The interiors can be combined with white color to make it more homey and airy.

Design by : resti_yunivita

3D Floral wallpaper motif

The shape of this wallpaper looks different form before. This 3D floras motif gives dimensions to more volume space, so that aesthetic nuances can be felt. Combine it with some minimalist style interiors that guaranteed the room is more beautiful and fun.

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