Great Ideas to Separate The Kitchen From The Room and Dining Room -- Usually have a minimalist house always rely on the concept of open plan space. This in addition to being useful for space to be one also impressed more airy. No mistake the design of the open plan room still separates the other rooms in order to provide privacy for each of them such as the living room with family room, kitchen and dining room. Well, great ideas to separate the kitchen from the room and dining room you can try to apply without having to worry about not matching. Here's a look at the reviews below to give you a more interesting reading experience.

Design by : umahabang

Form of space letter L

Open plan house concept appears in the design of the look of this space. The difference that can be seen form separating this space is the presence of a wall that is made more prominent in the living room. The kitchen area in the corner of the room with the distance between the dining room is quite far separated by the refrigerator as a barrier.

Design by : ickajulya

Void area as space separator

Not infrequently minimalist or large house always put the kitchen area at the back. Besides being able to give the owner the flexibility to cook, ideas and creations can appear without a hitch. As a way to separate the dining room, kitchen and other space you can put void area or garden right next to the kitchen. Without having to use space barriers, this house remains functional according to their respective space as seen.

Design by : erawaty_era

Linear space shape and elevation as a barrier

Clearly different space that look dominant from this area. Even with  linear form and open plan concept in use for spacious impression, between the kitchen and dining room still has its own function. Without having to with cabinets or walls as a barrier, the owner is careful enough just to set the elevation to give impression of different space even in one area.

Design by : dekorasiruangmakan

Mini bar as space linear

Clearly visible still in one area if the kitchen and dining room in one room as well as the other room. Many ways you can do to separate room in the house one of them in this kitchen you can use the mini bar table for a more aesthetic and interesting impression. You can also separate other rooms without hatchers by using an open plan design to make it more free.

Design by : ckkhome

Put the dining room area behind the house

if you feel the room in the house is quite spacious but in order to maximize the interior there can choose this semi outdoor dining room design for a different and more attractive look. Between the kitchen and the dining room in one scope in only limited to glass and doors for a airy impression. You can use the inside of the house for other more functional space by using space barriers as a way of separating the space inside.

Design by : evieninon

Half-bod wall as a barrier

No problem having a limited space size and making you a little confused, the idea to separate this  space you can try at home. Simply  apply a wall with a body that is useful to separate the kitchen and also the dining room in the house. You can choose the kitchen room in the corner of the house or the bottom area if the stairs that is quite easy to arrange other rooms.

Some ideas to make the kitchen and dining room and other rooms in the house can be followed the way above. This ideas you can try by keeping an eye on the shape of the room and the size of the house.

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