Embrace A Classis White Kitchen

Homeshabby.com -- Having a kitchen with a minimalist all white interior is often underestimated, because the impression of being "easily dirty" is ingrained in the mind. But who lifts if it has a kitchen with a white interior can give a more maximum classis design. No need to be afraid and look stiff, you can combine with black or brown as one of the favorite colors to try. Here's a review of the classic white kitchen  design that you can try.


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White kitchen with laundry room

The all white interior of the kitchen is not something you can be afraid to try. Precisely white color is the right color for a minimalist-sized kitchen that will give a clean and airy impression. Not only that, the selection of interiors with white color can give a classic and minimalist look that dominant. To avoid the impression of stiffness you can put some fresh plant in some corners to make the atmosphere more comfortable and relaxing. This kitchen also uses two functions at once for laundry room to be efficient and more functional.

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Kitchen white with backsplash expose

If you have a kitchenette and are in the corner of the room, it does not matter with the elongated shape. You can use the interior of the all white interior to make it more airy an impressed with the classic style. Also uses expose bricks for the backsplash area to make this kitchen more natural and fresher. Combine also with some brown color for some interior such as on cup rack or cooking seasoning place. That way the kitchen will avoid the impression of stiffness and look more  eye catching. 

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Small kitchen set with classic interior 

Classic style is always dominated by white color. But different from this kitchen which is quite dominant in the interior and also the furniture. The owner uses kitchen set with cabinets that have quite a lot of bulkheads in some areas. This of course give the impression of a dominant classic, moreover the owner also used a chandelier with an iron frame selected gold color more harmoniously.

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Shabby chic white kitchen

To attend to the classic impression with shabby chic look in your kitchen does not need many ways to make the area more beautiful and comfortable to use. You can have green color on the cabinet to provide different contrast and invisible monotony. Although this kitchen is in select white color and also incorporates shabby chic style, the look of the kitchen still looks classic and comfortable to use.

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Relaxing classic kitchen

Relaxing atmosphere in this classic kitchen you can try at home. With a minimalist size, this kitchen feels comfortable to use list brown to eliminate the impression of compound and venom in this kitchen. You can choose a cabinet with a closed style to make it more homey and more enjoyable.

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Classic kitchen with hexagonal backsplash

Bright and open impression if it has small kitchen in the house is a desire of a person in general. As in this kitchen that looks minimalist with a classic style has a white interior. You can combine with a black kitchen table to have a bolder color contrast. You can also choose a black doormat with a hear-shaped white motif to look beautiful.

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