Creative 3D Ceiling Design Ideas


Creative 3D ceiling design ideas -- Some people often ignore the structure of the house, the ceiling becomes the last thing to notice. If it need to be reviewed again the ceiling is a part of the hours that has advantages and can also provide the beauty of space in the house. The use of the ceiling of the house has a variety of materials such as PVC ceiling, Gypsum to GRC which is useful as a frame cover and also for hiding electrical installations to water. On this idea, will share a few reviews about the creative 3D ceiling design that can make the room in the house more beautiful.

Design by : plafond14
Ceiling gypsum circle shape

With a more geometric ceiling shape looks 3D looks minimalist and brighter. The use of ceiling design that looks aesthetic looks more real with bright lighting

Design by : plafond14
Classic ceiling model

Presents a classic style for the living room in the house is very beautiful displayed with a minimalist white color looks cleans, with a classic square-shaped ceiling design that arises like a bulkhead is cozy with the presence of LEDs on the edges

Design by : arfinterior

Square shape ceiling model

Combination of wooden elements for a fairly wide space size and ceiling as a simple dominant present minimalism in this room. Maximum lighting can affect the presence of ceiling bulkheads appear more noticeable.

Design by : gypsum_ceiling_nairobi

Ceiling gypsum circles protrude

Wide impression in this living room is not always with the all-white interior. Combine in the ceilings oar of the house using a full lighting ceiling like this. Protruding circular shapes with the help of LED light provide a brighter space contrast.

Design by : gypsum_tz_juma

Minimalist style with accents list

Quite simple and inconspicuous, the design of this living room is similar between the interior of the sofa, walls to the ceiling of the room. Elongated shape with with additional accents list on the fringe gives it a dominant artistic touch.

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