Beautiful House With Plants That Are Also Easy to Maintain -- Plants have different types with different treatments. Well here will be share for you about beautiful house with plants that have easy care. In addition to providing beauty around the house, you can feel refreshed throughout the day. In addition to the beauty of plants also has a function as purifying the air around so that it becomes a healthy and pleasant habitation.

1. Adanson's monstera in the entrance area of the house

The beauty of the house is created from beautiful decorations. So that eye cathcing and attracting your heart can give a natural touch with ornamental plants adanson's monstera towering in the door area. This plant is quite easy to maintain just pay attention to the lighting until the soil moisture to make this plant fertile.

2. Terrace house urban jungle concept

It's nice to have a home in an urban area close to various places. But the resulting pollution is quite troubling. Well if the owner of urban jungle concept house like this certainly already know the benefits of plants placed in the terrace area, fresh air and natural nuances can be felt without going to the mountains to breathe fresh air every morning.

3. Rustic living room

Rustic style touch is presented in this living room with a natural touch felt. Ornamental plants such as ficus plant, sansevieria to golden photos look beautiful in every corner of the room. Keep in mind for the treatment yes, do not let the beloved plant die because it is neglected.

4. Charming traditional dining room

Natural concept that area not only applied to public in this area look different. This traditional-style dining room is added with a cup until the teapot is made of cold interesting clay. Not to forget the indoor plants that make the atmosphere more beautiful and impressive.

5. Beautiful bedroom

The beautiful decor for this bedroom is quite simple with a touch of dominant bohemian style. Romantic with the presence of a charming tumblr lamp in the headboard area.

What about the concept of a house full of plants above? It's interesting. You can try the design to bring a charming touch from various corners of the house with a fresh atmosphere. Plants you can choose an easy enough for more beautiful home decoration.

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