Beautiful House With An Amazing Domination Of Brown and White Colors -- Hello everyone, this time quite different from the previous inspiration. will give a review of the inspiration of a beautiful minimalist house dominated by while and brown colors. From the exterior of this house is quite impressive with the combination of white, brown and black colors darker that natural stone material. The interior of the house i not in doubt, this house has a minimalist and functional space for the whole room. Here are some discussion that will be shared hopefully be an inspiration for you.

Visible facade of the house

With minimalist design of this house type 36 which generally measure 6 x 6 m. Looking simple, this house uses natural stone material as a combination of walls and pillars of dark black house to add an interesting contrast.

Side view of the house

Although this house is minimalist in size with a simple look, the homey atmosphere with white exterior makes this house more clean and airy. To provide freshness in the house, you need to apply the window as an airway in without any moist taste in it.

Living room of the house

Minimalist house design allows the owner to be creative in this spatial arrangement. Just put one sofa with an extra stool next to it makes this living room even more homey. As a way of illusion of space to look spacious you can put a mirror as a more aesthetic decoration of the room.

Family room

Need to know in usually minimalist house carriers the theme of open plan for its interior. This is in order to maximize the place more efficiently and functionally. As in this family room that chooses the concept of sitting downstairs without a soda or lounge chair to gather with your beloved family. You can choose the use of backdrop TV or cabinet as seen for the storage of electronic devices at home.


Still the same as the exterior of this house, this bedroom also uses a white and brown interior as a combination of matching. You can choose a bedless mattress to give the impression of airy in this bedroom. Because this house is minimalist you can use this room as a place of worship at once if your are a Muslim.

Dining room

Minimalist house design can not be as detailed as this residence. Even with a small space, you can use the empty space of the house as a dining room. Furniture parts you can choose a set of tables along with chairs with wood material to make it more beautiful and environmentally friendly. Just pat attention to the lighting, you can put the window in the corner of the room as seen.

Minimalist kitchen

Kitchen design in this house selected L shape to provide more space relief. You need to combine the cabinet as storage and also shelves to place ingredients of cooking spice to facilitate when used.

Laundry room

Need to be investigated if you have a minimalist house. Keep an eye on the function of the room as a forging laundry room so that the contents of your house are more completed even though the size is small. Make this place as a comfortable area, you can use one washing machine and add clothes hangers to put clothes according to washing activities.

That's a little review about the inspiration of a beautiful minimalist house with an awesome exterior and interior can be applied to the minimalist house design you want.

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Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are looking for design inspiration home plans. May you be facilitated sustenance in building your dream home.

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