7 Moody Boho Bedroom


Homeshabby.com -- If you're one of the most striking color enthusiasts for room decor, make no mistake about the choice of bohemian style design. A more lively impression and far from frim is perfect for those of you who like the relaxing atmosphere in the room. Generally the interior used is also brightly colored with a combination of beautiful decorations in each corner. In fact, sometimes, this bohemian-style room has a simple, irregular arrangement but displays the impression of art.

Design by : lizlovery

Lighting that is open to  the bedroom becomes one of the most important elements as an influence of the atmosphere. A claustrophobic and fresh impression can be felt from this bohemian style bedroom design. By combining the white and brown colors that have always been the characteristic feels very homey to apply. Tumblr lamps installed above the bedroom ceiling can add to the romantic  atmosphere created.

Design by : kamartidurshabby

No need for excessive decoration, by can choose a bedroom design with a simple bohemian style as seen. Behind the mattress with patchy shelves behind the mattress with abstract paintings and plants to change the atmosphere more refreshingly. You can have this simple bohemian style bedroom design for a different look so as no to be boring.

Design by : kamartidurshabby

Cloth wrap for a touch of a mattress that looks bohemian style you can combine with a matching cushion. Or you can also put some decorations with mirrors, ethnic fabrics or with chairlifts as seen. Use also lighting in the middle of the room with classic lights that can add to the atmosphere of sleep more comfortable and at home.

Design by : dirtandglass

Utilizing  the attic of the house is generally rarely done. The first impression of this bohemian style bedroom decorations is quite dominating with the presence of fabrics that are quite contrasting and harmonious with the whole space. You can add stronger lighting for night lighting to make it more soothing with a choice of homey yellow bulbs.

Design by : dilahomemedecorlover

Don't have to go all the way in white and brown to displays a bohemian style bedroom design at home. With a full decorations on the side of the wall this gives a beautiful and more contained look. To make a different impression, you can have a wall with additional wallpaper or exposed brick material that is quite harmonious and more airy.

Design by : branchbode

Echoing the impression of forest with bohemian style is suitable and very appropriate. Green, white and brown elements blend into this bohemian style bedroom. Without the need to use a wooden bed, the owner diverts with a iron bed that is interesting enough to try, especially with the presence of this soft and quite relaxing atmosphere. Of course the owner will be very comfortable to be here an lazy to move on. 

Design by : dekorasikamartidurku

Simple and homey, that's atmosphere created from this bohemian-style room design. Minimalist interior with wooden elements to give a natural fell you can put on the nightstand and use the bed for this mattress. You can apply carpets on thee floor for a thicker feel and look relaxed.

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