7 Beautiful And Bright Ideas For Bedroom Ceiling Lighting

Homeshabby.com -- As we know lighting is one of the components used to complement the decoration and is the most important. Because with the lighting of a space can provide and interesting effect with the type of lamp used. One of the rooms in the house that needs to use lamps is none other the room. Any size at least the room must have a bright light that can be application on the ceiling.

Bedroom in contemporary style

Design by : bloginnara

Even though the bedroom you have is small or spacious, to make a beautiful impression you need to pay attention to the lighting. This bedroom design applies contemporary style lamps placed in the middle of the room ceiling. Besides the bright interior in this room will certainly will certainly be very beautiful and display its beautiful side.

LED light hidden in the ceiling

Design by : anna.prtw

In general, using a sleep lamp is common in use. Besides proving comfort for sleep is also very helpful for you in sleep. But the design this time the owner uses LED light hidden on the edge of the ceiling to give the impression of bright and beautiful. Because the design of this bedroom already looks luxurious from the interior of the walls to the displays that are around it.

Children's bedroom with character lights

Design by : kamartidursederhana

Not complete if the house without a child's bedroom that can provide their own privacy. With the design of mickey mouse bedroom this child is very attractive and makes the child comfortable. Besides being able to summon the fear of sleeping alone with this cartoon decoration, the owner also added a lamp on the ceiling of the room to provide maximum lighting. That way, you don't have to worry if your child will feel afraid to sleep alone.

Bedroom with tumblr lamp

Design by : kamartidurimpian

Decoration the bedroom is one of the favorites that young people love most nowadays. In addition to providing comfortable when in the room, beautiful decoration also makes the owner feel at home in the room for a long time. Without exaggeration, this bedroom only uses tumblr lamps to decorate the bedroom sky to make it look beautiful. Especially if this tumblr light bulb you choose a yellow color that is very romantic and warm.

Bedroom with a combination of LED lights and downlight

Design by : rumahtristan

Combining two different lightings can of course affect the aesthetic of the bedroom in the house. You can use LED light installed on the ceiling and add one downlight in the middle of the room for a different impression. Because the lighting of this room is very maximum, you do not need to worry if you feel afraid to be in the room when you are alone.

Bedroom with one lamp only

Design by : kartika_suharto

It doesn't matter if you light up the bedroom with just one light. You can choose high wattage for bright lighting. Besides it will give a spacious impression, the bedroom in the house will be very difficult to stay in. Combine it with the wall decorations of your traveling paintings or photos to make the more lively and look beautiful.

Bedroom with classic lamp in the middle of the room

Design by : si_mamahvrd

This shabby and feminine interior is present in the bedroom in the house. Although it only uses one color to give it a beautiful look, this bedroom looks bright from the classic lights that are applicationd in the space. To make it more comfortable, just use patterned bed linens with earthy tone to match interior. That way the cool and pleasant atmosphere in this bedroom you can apply at home.

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