6 Clever Ideas For Laying Out Your Living Room


Homeshabby.com -- Living room is the most important part the must be in the house. Besides being to welcome guests can also be a place to gather with their beloved family, Therefore, the arrangement of the living room must be interesting, neatly arranged and comfortable to use. For the laying of your own living room you can customize with the shape of the house. You can add reference to the smart idea of putting a living room in the house in the following reviews.

Make use of the area near the stairs

Living room by : rumahbundas

Make use of the near the stairs homeowners with a second floor as we know it will certainly have a room of a large size. You can take advantage of the area near the stairs as a living room that is open plan and spacious enough with a relaxing atmosphere. Interior in this living room can be selected with a long L-shaped sofa in order to fit many guest who come.

Outdoor living room

Living room by : ruangtamumodern_

If you like the outdoor concept of welcoming guest, the following smart ideas can be your choice. With a minimalist style impressed scandinavian was chosen for the design of the outdoor living room in the house. The owner uses a white sofa with L shape to impress more relieved. As a wall and also the floor, you can use wood materials to be environmentally friendly. Also add this romantic-looking exterior lamp you can change for dinner with your beloved partner.

Living room with classic semi industrial style

Living room by : ruangtamuminimalis

Living room in the house always present a different atmosphere if the arrangement is near and neat. As in the design of this living room that only applied on soda with a long hexagonal pattern that is quite compatible between the walls of this room. But for the wall on the right side of the sofa is left without finishing to add a little industrial impression. That way the decoration if this classic living room can feel dominant and pleasant.

Living room on terrace

Living room by : pre.lovebundahaikal

Utilizing the terrace area for small sized homeowners of course this can be used as a reference. Beside feeling different, the living room on the terrace like this is still rarely done, the open and refreshing atmosphere can be felt without feeling stuffy. You can choose a chair with letter L that has gray pads can provide comfort for guest who come.

Shabby chic living room

Living room by : novkania

The selected interior in this living room looks homey with a soft colored sofa and cushions in addition to decoration to make it more beautiful. To give a more impression, the wall area in this living room is added with several displays such as plant and also guitars to make it more artistic.

Living room near kitchen with border

Living room by : desainruangtamuku

Put the living room in the house you can arrange by looking at the surrounding conditions. But it is not uncommon for homeowners to carelessly put a living room that can cause discomfort for guest. To avoid this, you can use a living room design like this at home. By placing the living room in the nearby area of the kitchen and providing a barrier to impress privacy and fun. Use the same interior to make the living room in the house more enjoy nice to welcome guests.

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