6 Amazing Ideas To Install DIY Kitchen Open Shelves


6 amazing ideas to install DIY kitchen open shelves

Homeshabby.com -- Narrow, small and limited becomes the main point of problem in the kitchen area. This kind of thing is often felt by most people. So it is not uncommon for many creative ideas to emerge form the limitations of the kitchen area at home making shelves open. And this kind of thing created DIY that makes the kitchen area more complete, functional without tightness. Want to know what kind of DIY you can do to the kitchen at home ?

Here are some amazing ideas for installing DIY kitchen open shelves that you can emulate.

1. Find out the right shelf design for  the kitchen

Kitchen by  : qais_home

The first way you  can make DIY shelves open in the kitchen is to know the size of the space and the model of the kitchen you have. First adjust this open shelf storage space for the kitchen in advance to look suitable and suitable for applying. It's easy right ?

2. Choose the right shelf size

Kitchen by  : hannaamliap

The after you know the design of the kitchen at home this thing you can do. Measure the use of shelves to be installed on the kitchen in a DIY way. Also arrange what equipment would be suitable for inhabiting the shelves.

3. Choose a strong and durable material

Kitchen by  : and.ands..homey

Before you do DIY for open shelves in the kitchen, you should choose what material area suitable for use. Also consider the materials used. Durable, durable or easily rusted. This can be adjusted for open shelves at home. DIY makes open kitchen shelves quite simple, you can ask your husband for help for the shelves.

4. Choosing a model of kitchen shelves with matching interiors

Kitchen by  : umahabang2.0

In order to provide harmony in the space in the kitchen, making DIY open shelves you can try to balance the material and interior. Like this design looks similar using multiplex with high pressure laminate coating. This shelf model is selected semi open with an open combination at the bottom.

5. Determine how many shelves will be used

Kitchen by  : irkeydiajenkwoelan

One way to give the impression of spacious and clean for the kitchen area is the lack of equipment used. This kitchen is quite simple with DIY shelves open only one at the top of the dishwasher.

6. Create a combination rack to maximize storage space

Kitchen by  : rumasix

The more hoe furnishing in the kitchen, the more storage space is used. Therefore you can make a combination of open shelves such as the design. DIY that you can try to keep an eye on the placement of shelves with what items will be placed so that the shelves can accommodate the load on it.

That's a little concern in term of DIY install kitchen shelves at home. Keep the material, the size of the kitchen and the amount of need to be used.

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