6 Small Living Room Ideas That will Maximize your Space


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Homeshabby.com -- A living room with a large area, high ceiling and a few sofas is the norm. The reality, for many of us, is that we live in smaller homes, so that every room or space that exists needs some extra organization. If your living room is not too large or small or minimalist, there is not reason why it can't be an extraordinary area. In the following we provide inspiration 6 small living room ideas that will maximize your space.

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1. Choose furniture with the right model to complement a small living room

Instead of decorating your living room with a large, soft sofa but making the atmosphere seem crowded, choose furniture or furniture on a smaller scale to fit the size of your living room. If you want to play on a small scale, use smaller furniture or furniture with lights that are not too big or a larger decorative mirror for the walls that will make the atmosphere in your living room feel bigger and more spacious.

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2. Pull the furniture to the center to add volume to the narrow living room

A coomon mistake in small living room designs is pushing all your furniture against the wall as this can makes the space appear narrower. It's actually better to pull furniture or furniture of the wall and make it more towards the center to add volume to the room. The more floors you see, the bigger the room will be seen. Add the illusion with a coffee table that has a small and beautiful character or a sofa and chairs with visible legs, so that the narrow space will appear relieved because of the dimensional space from several angles.

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3. Think about choosing a small living room color to make it look airy

If you have a small living room, choosing a paint color is not difficult to apply. Like painting the entire room with a neutral color which can make the walls more open and make the small living room airy. As for minimalist furniture, gray sofa legs that look real, can look cool with the decoration of the living plant room which makes the atmosphere even cooler even in the indoor space.

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4. Select the appropriate space concept that provides extra comfort

You can create a rustic style in a small living room by minimizing the number of existing furniture, such as choosing a long seater sofa accompanied by a round coffee table with an iron frame placed on a floor carpet that makes the monochrome impression thicker.

Meanwhile, to beautify the space and support the impression of a narrow space to be more spacious, you can fill the corner of the sofa with dry plants which make the rustic style stronger, besides the mirrors that decorate the walls are able to reflect the wider space more optimally.

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5. Maximize ceiling height so that narrow spaces appear taller and wider

A small living room that has a ceiling with a real height, is able to make the space double the size of the space. Give the illusion of support in terms of lighting, namely the addition of ceiling lights that can radiate light to all corner elements, besides that apply soft color both to the wall paint or the floor. So that a small space can also appear wider that its original size.

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