6 Plant-Themed Bedroom Ideas That'll Take Your Love Greenery


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Homeshabby.com -- The bedroom becomes the most privacy place to rest for anyone. Well, creating a cozy atmosphere is definitely supported by a bedroom design that's the same age as what you want isn't it ? Moreover, the design theme can reflect the personality side of the room owner. 

A Botanical or plant theme bedroom might be your inspiration ! The natural and fresh atmosphere is typical of the botanical theme. How do i present this botanical theme in the bedroom ! Let's take a look at the botanical theme bedroom inspiration below!

Picture : @mikysetiawan

You can create paintings with a touch of fresh plants. If you find it difficult to create murals, you can use design services specifically for murals. Choose a neutral bedroom paint color such as white so that murals or greenery image made can look beautiful and stand out. The right part of the mural wall can be a headboard that makes the view of the bed more enchanting especially your bedroom adjacent to the garden balcony area which is also a coll natural nuance.

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The presence of wall shelves of long wood paneling that open in the bedroom is the best way. Because, the use of wall shelves is to put your favorite plants on tiny pots. In addition, the tree trunk with a touch of "monstera"  plant that again hits is able to make this greenery-themed bedroom feel natural and the quality of sleep guaranteed is better.

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If you prefer the impression of elegance but want to give a touch of plants on the elements of the room walls. You can get around it by adding monstera plant-themed wallpapers that have a very unique and beautiful leaf feature on the side of the wall, then combine it with wainscoting that enhances the bedroom design to be more elegant. The right position that affects the mood at rest becomes fresher and calmer because of its green color.

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To decorate the bedroom botanical theme or plant theme, you can present a low-altitude leaf painting on the headboard. It doesn't make any mistake, if you also present dried leaves that are then inserted into a photo frame or naturally add potted plants with a simple model like the "lidah mertua" plant in the corner of the room.

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In contrast, if you are among those who do not like the number of living plants around the bedroom area, maybe you can try by applying plant motifs on your bed. For example by installing pillowcases, bed covers, to scabbards with floral or leaf motifs. The botanical theme bedroom can be presented easily, right?

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