Minimalist Tiny House Design with 3 Bedroom -- Hai mom, do you know what ? As time goes by, the members will probably continue to grow. One of them is the number of children in a marriage. Therefore, the design of a house that has 3 bedrooms is everyone's dream. Sufficient bed capacity but with a limited house size and an atmosphere that still provides comfort is a challenge for you before planning to build a house. In below, will share examples of inspiration for a minimalist tiny house design with 3 bedrooms with beautiful and charming white nuances.


Starting from the terrace of foyer in this minimalist 2-storey house. Feels cool and filled with healthy air thanks to the terrace which is used as a patio area even though it is small in size. Equipped with a long chair made of rattan with a strong hollow black iron frame, a coffee table and super cute comfortable cushions. The appearance of a beautiful and simple interior design, from the laying of synthetic grass as floor mats and plants in white pots, is in line with the dominants accent of the classy-looking house facade.

Living room 

Enter the living room which has 2 accesses to the main door and a sliding door to the upper balcony or rooftop area equipped with a floating staircase on the front porch. The living room section uses beige accents combined with white. The main door is made of distinctive merbau wood with a vertical focus line that makes the impression of a house taller. The beige color is raised from the selection of a super relaxed and multifunctional sofa bed in harmony with the color of the feather carpet that reflects the vastness of the space. The calm coloring makes the incoming lighting make the living room feel cozier and looks modern to the eyes.

Bedroom kids

Shift to the children's bedroom which is one of the 3 bedrooms in this minimalist terraced house. The size of this child's room is around 2,5 x 3 m. It looks small but is very complete with various ornament that the child likes. Equipped with a single size bed with cute cactus pattern sheets and character pads that accompany your little one's rest time. For lighting, you can add a standing lamp with a unique and dim lighting that doesn;t dazzle your eyes, which actually makes the sleeping atmoshere warmer. In addition, there is a study table that must be in the child's room, a nightstand wth storage that does not take up too much space and a standing mirror that makes the atmosphere seem spacious and relieved.


Turning to the back room, there is a kitchen that is integrated with the dining area with clean white nuances which gives a more elegant and classy impression. Vinyl kitchen set with stunning black granite kitchen top is in harmony with the application of abstract wallpaper on the backplash which adds a more perfect aesthetic value to the kitchen. Maximizing the walls with the addition of a cooker hood for more safety when cooking and a closed cabinet as a storage container for this beautiful home's kitchen.

Rooftop garden

Go up to the rooftop garden area with an open concept designed as beautiful as possible with a black iron tent covered with woven bamboo as a roof protector which is able to reduce the extreme heat of the sun. Deliberately to make a rooftop area that is different from usual, equpped with a knitting circle chair hammock that look unique and rattan chairs with foam pads and cute and adorable succulent flowers dolls. A child-friendly decorative grass floor with a homey atmosphere will certainly be a families to spend the weekend together at their favorite rooftop garden.

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Author : Imka
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