Gorgeous Interior Design Ideas for Pink Lovers


Homeshabby.com -- The Color pink is most ofthen associated with feminine and shabby chic characters. But apart from gender connotations, pink lovers actually psychological effect, namely love and a romantic impression. The color pink also has a calming effect because it is synonymous with tenderness, kindness, and affection. So, don't be surprised if you can find pink in a cool interior that makes you feel happy. Immediately enjoy gorgeous interior design ideas for pink lovers.

If you look at the inspiration from the previous picture, there is a living room which is integrated into the dining room as well as the kitchen which looks spacious. Pastel pink nuances that are poured out through the interior of the long sofa and dining chairs with white accents that are more dominant in one field element. The very epic arrangement of room functions will actually provide a comfortable atmosphere and harmony in one family. Facilitate activities and supervise children with a brighter and more cheerful atmosphere from neutral color accents.

Enter the private area, which is the master bedroom with a queen size bed featuring a luxurious and tall headboard. Blends with the pink and gold patterned wallpaper from the play of lines and patterns that look elegant. As for the varipus pink bed covers such as chich rose, light pink with various soft materials, it can make the main bedroom look more romantic and have a very beautiful feminine character.

Women cannot be kept away from the presence of a dressing room or a workspace equpped with glass to make up themselves. Cute pink accents pour out from the soft blankets, personal accessories that appear in floating. Although the touch of pink tends to be simpler, it is still stand put thanks to the use of white which is more dominant and the touch of gold which makes the personal space more beautiful and elegants in the eyes. The dreesing room which has a bright and beautiful atmosphere will certainly affect your psychological condition when you make up yourself, be more confident and of course, will be more enthusiastic about carrying out activities.

Next is a private bathroom with a pink interior design that is simpler but still beautiful. The bathroom is equipped with a minimalist bathubb that is made costum and is permanent in white color, the use of white marble ceramics to give an elegant and shiny impression on the walls and a large mirror that makes narrow spaces appear broad. Simple interiors such as towels, footwear and ligh pink knick-knacks can reveal a beautiful and vibrant bathroom theme.


Still in the same field element, there is a sink room that is used for washing hands or just making up. Complete with a horizontal wooden trellis interior design as a towel hanger or other more versatile. Round mirror with a gold metal frame and a minimalist shelf as a storage container that doesn'y take up tpp much space. Meanwhile, to display an impression that is not boring, placing green plants in the corner of the space can change the atmosphere to be more alive and refreshing.

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Author  : Imka
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