7 Indoor Plants That Thrive In The Bathrooms

 7 Indoor Plants That Thrive In The Bathrooms

Homeshabby.com -- Although bathrooms are small in size they are as decorated as any other room. A clean and beautiful bathrooms reflects its owner. One way to decorate the bathroom is by adding plants inside. It will have a refreshing and soothing effect on the bathroom. There are some plants that are best kept in the bathroom. Anything at all ? Let's look at the list below! Be useful.  

1. Orchids 

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Orchids are popular in many circles because of their beautiful multicolored flowers. It contains the advantage of growing even in arid or humid soil. The varied colors and species make orchids very appropriate when used as home plants in the bathrooms. 

2. Spider Plants

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The spider plant is a plant that has tiny little leaves and is pointed like an kucai's. Green with white stripes on his right and left. It is usually planted in a hanging pot but you can also place it in a pretty flower basket. This plant is good for removing poison gas and other receptors from the bathroom 

3. English Ivy

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English ivy is an easy plant in a tropical climate. It is a green, pervading plant and also has no effect on the seasons. Even in winter. It suits you to put on the bathroom. Benefits from English ivy itself can become antioxidants, anti inflammatory, and antimicrobial. 

4. Moztera

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Moztera are now rare or hard to find. That's because the plant less chlorophyll so it has much less photosynthesis. To grow them not only long but also requires a certain level of skill. For that it's used to be an indoor plant in one of the bathrooms. 

5. Peace Lily

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The peace lily is a plant that has leafy and flowering leaves. There's a lot of good in the peace lily if it comes to indoor. Besides being able to reduce the spores in the air, the peace lily can also reduce moisture by absorbing them. They can live where there is high humidity. The bathroom and the sink were one of the most humid places in it. 

6. Rubber Plants

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This Indian plant is quite easy to treat. Simply place them where the sun is heavy and apply water when the soil dries to keep it moist. Remember to trim the leaves when luxuriant and clean them regularly. The rubber plant are good indoor because they eliminate carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and other chemicals. 

7. Snake Plant

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This plant has a snake like shape that extends in green and has a white stripe and a line on the right left of yellow. It is also suitable for indoor plant because they can filter out dangerous oxides and release oxygen at night. Just place them where the sun isn't directly exposed and give them water when the ground runs dry. 

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