6 Smart Trick to Make Small Living Room to Look and Feel Spacious


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Homeshabby.com -- Hi mom, have a problem with the small living room design ? Limited space size sometimes makes home owners have to rack their brains in arranging the interior. But, that doesn't mean the small living room design that you have can't look attractive and comfortable to use for activities, you know. There are some smart tricks you can do to make a small living room design feel more spacious and of course comfortable. Come on, see how to design a small living room below:

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Design a small living room with bright color accents and synergy

Focus on coloring the accents of the small living room design with bright and synergistic colors like yellow and white. Bright colors will make the room feel more open and comfortable. Avoid excessive wall decoration patterns because they will make a narrow space seem full and stuffy.

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Take advantage of the mirror decoration to be part of the design of you small living room

In addition to focusing on bright colors in the design of a small living room, try using a mirror so that the room looks more spacious. You can apply a mirror decoration to the wall just above the sofa seater position. Choose a shape with a unique model and contain values and concepts that suit your home so that it will appear balanced and classy for a living room that only has a size that is not too wide.

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Space divider becomes a solution between spaces that is more open and unified

Manipulating a narrow space to makes it look more spacious and multifunctional, one of which is by utilizing a space divider from a shelf or plant display that has 2 face cavities as a divider between a small living room and other rooms. A long seater sofa that is combined with puffs to from an L and an iron-framed table with dimensions makes the living room more bautiful.

The existence of this stylish plants display partition makes the impression between spaces more spacious and unified.

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Minimizing decoration or interior for an airy impression

It's no secret that reducing the interior and decor will make you small living room design feel wider. So, try to prioritize only the main furniture, such as sofas and tables. Choose multifunctional furniture with sizes and detail as needed. The modern minimalist concept is prefect for small living room designs because this concept carries a simple theme for all elements in the room.

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The importance of natural lighting and lights that beautify a small living room
Ensuring the room has good lighting is the most ideal way to give the impression of relief in a limited space. A dark room tends to give the impression of a cramped room. Try to take advantage of  natural lighting by choosing windows that are positioned accordingly so that the room looks more open. As well as standing lamp lighting that warms up at night while making the appearance more beautiful and cool.

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