6 Smart Ideas to Make Your Small Kitchen Get More Air Circulation

 6 Smart Ideas to Make Your Small Kitchen Get More Air Circulation

Homeshabby.com -- If you enjoy cooking, you must know how to adjust air circulation in a kitchen. Decorating the heat in the kitchen and the stench of cooking will disturb you. Hence, adjusting a kitchen for air circulation has to be just right. Apart from cleanliness, circulation also affected kitchen health. Water vapor mixed with oil fumes would also damage the kitchen walls. Even if too long it also makes the kitchen ceiling black. Circulation in the kitchen is vital. How can you maintain control of the air circulation in the kitchen ? Note the 5 tips on how to organize air circulation in the kitchen to keep cooking pleasurable.

The window function in the kitchen area is crucial. Besides lighting the room, windows in the kitchen also allowed for a faster exchange of air. Windows do work faster and better than ventilation. You can also put the stove near the window, but not parallel the window. 

You can use an exhaust fan. It is shaped like a chimney and is useful for absorbing hot air as well as unpleasant smells from the cooking process. Besides you could also put an exhaust fan in the corner of the kitchen room. The most important thing is that there is more air in the kitchen to keep it comfortable. 

To reduce the heat in the kitchen, you can install higher ceiling from other areas. Use a high rise ceiling jack roof model. Use rooftop shafts to funnel heat. 

Water ways also play an important role in keeping kitchen air circulating. Do not get the waste wrong. It reeks and reduces your comfort when cooking. 

The bad smell in the kitchen was often a result of cooking oil on the stove or the back splash part of the kitchen. To ward off odors, when finished cooking, be sure to wipe off the stove and the walls around it. If done immediately, an oil stain would have been easier to produce than when the oil had dried up. 

Another easy, quick way to dispel the unpleasant smell in the kitchen is by using aromatherapy. Select a rather neutral and refreshing aroma, such as citrus or lemon. However the aroma is merely helpful, so you have to clean the kitchen thoroughly to prevent the smell from mixing with the aromatherapy. 

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