6 Living Room Color Ideas That Warm Up Your Space

 6 Living Room Color Ideas That Warm Up Your Space

Homeshabby.com -- Speaking of the color of the living room or the color of the other room, many often choose safety by choosing the same colors. Some favorite colors generally range between safe neutral choices. There is nothing wrong with liking such classic neutral colors as white, grey, cream, or brown. However, choosing the color of a fine living room actually makes the room warm and thus the guest is at home. You can look inspiration below helpful. 

The living room in white makes the atmosphere brighter and more appealing. Just give a fresh impression you can add plants in a corner. Where as the carpets are selected with soft plaited cream. 

Another advantage of the color cream is its timeless character a quality that we cannot take for granted, for it can make the room as fresh and radiant as in the accompanying photograph. In the design of this room has been choose the white basis which is then decorated in contrast with earth's fine tone as in some of the design accessories on the wall, to natural wooden furniture. 

Choose grey paint to present a natural impression of the living room of a minimalist home building that is identical to the unfinished concrete. The color of the ashes you can present on the sofa and the carpet used. You too can use the wallpaper with a similar color. 

The living room in the form of a letter L as it does in the picture using natural color can add a warm impression. So it can make the guests welcome. You can make a vertical garden in a corner so you can make a more fresh view. 

You could try the paint in the pale yellow living room. Besides being cool, the room will be fresh, bright and the color of the pale yellow living room will give a broad impression. The yellow one has a bright and cheerful character. 

To present a warm living room you can use warm colors like cream and brown. Like the picture with tho bone white on the sofa and the brown woven carpet matched with the floor with a wooden motif. 

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