6 Gorgeous Green Kitchens and Ways to Accessorizing Them

 6 Gorgeous Green Kitchens and Ways to Accessorizing Them

Homeshabby.com -- Color is one of the essential elements of a room and is no exception to a kitchen. Choosing the right color can add a different color to your kitchen. There is nothing wrong with experimenting with new colors in your kitchen. Green may be a chosen color, since it reflects the freshness of the plant and gives a fresh impression of relaxing. Green kitchen inspiration was rated to inspire growth, renewal, and the impression of life. Here is a sample of the green kitchen design that can inspire the kitchen of your dream. 

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The pastel pink from the wall and the pastel green from the cabinet and table create a relaxed atmosphere. Classic chandeliers provided fitting lighting. A kitchen like this seems simple and clean. If you want a neat impression you can keep a shelf on the wall so as not to take too much space. 

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The combination of pastel green and white on the kitchen left a clean and neat impression. The reduced use of furniture suggest that the kitchen is minimalist. This type of L line kitchen expands mobility when cooking. It was visible that lighting used in the kitchen had only a light scattered across several sides. 

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The green that dominated the kitchen provided in illusion that looked broader and cleaner. The simple use of furniture makes the kitchen look simple. A small kitchen of just the right size but with the right setting can give a broad and neat impression. 

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A clean with green kitchen can make a small kitchen look bigger. Green is selected for cabinet up and down. You can make large window so that you can maximize the light that goes into the kitchen and keeps the kitchen from becoming stuffy. 

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For those of you who have a slightly large living area and happen to like the green color of the kitchen this one fits as an example of green kitchen design seems sweet and tidy. Green can make the kitchen display both cleaner and fresh. While on the wall you can choose white so it looks wide. 

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The hanging storage placement and maximizing the underside of the kitchen as storage also understates the image of the kitchen minimalist. The green stable creates a more upbeat atmosphere. The stable and white blend kitchen added a bright impression to the kitchen.

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