5 Beautiful Blue Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas


Homeshabby.com -- As we know the color blue is a color with great serenity and comfort. Blue color tends to be applied to rooms that are not so dirty and tend to be clean, such as bedroom, living rooms or family rooms. This time, homeshabby.com will give you stunning kitchen inspiration in blue that will make you stunning and beautiful. See the following inspiration, hope it useful.

Having a small kitchen isn't a problem tp decorate properly. Applying with an open window will a give room impression, combined with the blue color selection of some furniture that can make the atmosphere in this kitchen warmer and feel comfortable.

The blue color that is only applied to the blacksplash can give warm impression, especially the cabinet with a dark gray interior, making the kitchen in this house more masculine an elegant.

Choosing a slighty darker blue color in the kitchen area is also able to give a beautiful and attractive impression. A cabinet that is applied to the corner of the room with household to make this kitchen area more attractive. Plants that are only soaked in water also give a natural impression and looking refreshing.

This kitchen looks dominant with the blue color starting from the use the cabinet, backsplash and several other elements, but it doesn't seem entirely blue either. Interior paint on the light brown walls and cabinets with a white list can balance the atmosphere in this kitchen without looking monotouns. The hanging lamp in the middle of the room look natural.


The bright blue color that is applied to the kitchen storage and backsplash areas using tiles of various colors makes a beautiful and attractive impression in this kitchen. You can apply a design like this to make the kitchen at home more attractive.

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