Top 5 Indoor Plant For Your Home to Look Fresher and Cooler

 Top 5 Indoor Plant For Your Home to Look Fresher and Cooler --  Everyone want a home to look nice and cool. Growing decorative plants is one way of beautifying a home. So the home is not only about nice and pretty decorations, but it also needs green plants to help the view of the home more fresh. Don't worry about what to grow. Here we would recommend 5 beautiful green plants on display and also useful. You don't need a big plot of land to grow green at home to cool the breeze. Well, we'll serve 5 indoor plants to your home be useful. 

1. Aglonema

Aglonema or in Indonesia called "Sri Rejeki" is a decorated plant that is widely chosen for room decoration. So it's easier in maintenance and makes the home look fresher and cooler. 


2. Spider Plant

The spider or known as the spider plant is a type of green plant that can be used to neutralize indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde and xilena. Having spider plants in the air would be filtered both natural and good by the plants. 


3. Monstera

The monstera is a tropical plant of the areceae family made up of dozens of varieties. Tips on keeping the monstera plant are by making sure the sun's intake is sufficient, the right room temperature, selecting the appropriate and growing media. 


4. Mother in Law Tongue

A sansevieria or more commonly know as mother in law tongue is a healthful green indoor because of being able to survive on a little water and a little sunlight. Additionally it is healthful for being able to filter tuleana, xylene, benzene found in the air. 


5. Peace Lily

This peace lily is a plant that's not only tastes good but also able to absorb pollutants in such rooms as benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. Besides being often used to decorate the rooms of these lily they are healthful home plants.  

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