Tips to Make Your Garden Attractive and Functional

Tips to Make Your Garden Attractive and Functional - Green Garden Decorating Idea with Small Pond and BridgeGardening is a really enjoyable activity, especially for those who love plants. A garden, in addition to providing fresh air for the house, is also able to beautify the house, increasing its aesthetic value.

The following are several tips to create a functional and beautiful garden:

Get rid of weeds with mulch
Mulch is material of plant cover that serves to maintain soil moisture and inhibit weed growth. You can get mulch from gardening stores. Before applying the mulch, you can cover the land on the empty spaces between plants with pieces of old newspapers.

Add a small pond

To  make the garden look more beautiful, you can add a small pond in the middle of it. A small pond in the middle of the garden along with a fountain is able to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Let some weeds grow

You can experiment to let the weeds grow in your garden. But remember, don’t grow them all of over the garden. If you do not like this idea, you can also grow plants instead of flowers to beautify the garden arrangements, such as moss, evergreen shrubs, and ferns.

Fence off the garden area

Usually fence serves to protect the plants inside the garden from the hands of ignorant humans or animals. But it never hurts to design a fence with a wider size, or you can also make a fence of woven bamboo to make it look more natural. Then, plant some vines that can wrap onto the surface of the fence.

And lastly, save

Always spend your money wisely. Do not use too much money to create a beautiful garden. Instead, make sure that you always maintain the garden cleanliness and tidiness. That way, your garden can always look nice and beautiful.

Creating a beautiful garden in front of your home not only will make your home look so cool, but also comfortable. Each person does have a different view in defining beauty, but with that differences in perception, garden design and decoration ideasbecome more unique and diverse.

Author     : Nur
Editor      : Munawaroh
Source     : Instagram