Beautiful Sky Blue For a Small Living Room That Looks Bigger

 Beautiful Sky Blue For a Small Living Room That Looks Bigger --  Having a living room with attractive design is a dream for anyone, that aye catching living room design will certainly make the home warm, especially when visitors come, you can be sure that they will stay at your home for a long time. Now, for those of you who are currently planning to design the living room. You can also design the living room by using beautiful sky blue color. Using clever colors can make your small living room look bigger. Here is a sample of the minimalist living room design for you. 

The sofa with its elongated sky blue look bright and beautiful. You ca also add wall decor to back wall so it looks more interesting. 

A sofa of exquisite color might add a warm impression to your living room. This sofa shape U also can make a bigger view.

A sofa using pink pastel colors with sky blue can make the living room seem bigger. You can add standing lamp to the corner with a vintage and pretty design.

This soft color sofa can make a more comfortable view. Yo may use pillow with a humorous so as to add excitement to your living room. 

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Author      : Septiyani
Editor       : Munawaroh
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