The Best Ideas in Curtain Selection for a Minimalist House

The Best Ideas in Curtain Selection for a Minimalist House - Curtains are a cover that is usually made of cloth to cover the window of sunlight. Lots of functions from curtains themselves. Among them are for window coverings which are usually at night to maintain the privacy of the house dwellers. In addition, the room will feel more warm and comfortable. However, on the other hand can also be a room reformer and add artistic value. Therefore, you should pay attention to the attractive and funny design without leaving the function of the curtains themselves.

After knowing some of the curtain models we will tell you some things to be aware of are:

1. Color selection or Motif

The selection of curtains with colors and motifs should be considered. You should choose according to the color theme of the room. You can mimic the colors of plain or patterned or even combinations so that it will make unique and interesting. But if your room has a lot of motives with various furniture then do not choose the curtain motif that will then make too crowded and wrong focus.

2. Selection of cloth types 

There are several types of materials commonly used for curtains including cotton fabrics, silk, faux silk, linen, black out and velvet. If you want a dramatic impression then you can choose a velvet cloth but if you want a light impression then you can choose linen and cotton cloth. For a luxurious and elegant impression you can choose silk fabrics and faux silk fabrics. 

3. Selection of fabric styles 

The way of suspension of curtains is a wide range of well-styled so it should also be noted as this will affect the artistic value of the curtain itself. This style can be customized to your home style. The most important thing is with curtains can cover the window perfectly. The length of the curtain itself is some sort of can be in contact with the floor, dangling slightly, or hanging. For a minimalist house suggested a little contact with the floor. 

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