Bright Color Brings Freshness to Minimalist House

Bright Color Brings Freshness to Minimalist House

                               - Home colors are inseparable in creating residential houses and renovating homes. Of course, the colors we choose give unique and different impression. One of these shades of green is the choice of many people for a minimalist home theme. This green color is usually associated with a beautiful, lush, fresh, and peaceful nuance. Here we give you some references for you hopefully useful... 😊

The domination of the green color for this living room area is very fresh and fresh. The green color itself can symbolize renewal, freshness and regeneration. So it can make your living room influential for good health. The blend of white and green colors makes the living room look bright and soft. 

Paint a wall with a bright green color can provide the convenience of the house dwellers so that it will feel calm. Adding glass and decorative table with brown color can be a variation and can sweeten the room. So it does not impress monotonous and warmer. 

The extinct green is suitable for your bedroom because this color can give serenity, quiet, and elegant. So will make the comfort when you will close the day after a long busy activity. 

For the kitchen, you can apply the green color in each corner. Like green mat, wall clock, and so on. The selection of the green color for the kitchen will make your mood be good so it will be eager to serve dishes for family members. 

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