Smart Ways To a Relaxed Natural Home

Smart Ways To a Relaxed Natural Home -The natural home design is a design that brings the nature around the house area both in terms of materials, as well as home ornaments. The natural home design is a lot of interest because it is more environmentally friendly and can make the atmosphere cool, shady and fresh. So we reference for you how make natural home. Read more 😃

For in front of the home you can add various hanging plants, vines, palm trees etc. You can also make a curtain from bamboo so it looks  make a natural and cool impression.

If you have a long front porch, then you can use it to make a small park. So that the air circulation in the home can be maintained and controlled and the atmosphere of the house can be cool and fresh.

For living rooms you can add artificial plant or native plant, you can choose plant type like money plant, monstera, spider plant. Because this type of plant does not need a lot of direct sunlight, you are diligent enough to give him fertilizer so the leaves are always shady. 

You can add plant in area relaxing space, so can make your space more comfortable and fresh. You can add frame with picture leaves.  

You can also add plant in bedroom so looks fresh and cool. Combine with carpets, curtains and bed motif can make your bedroom bigger.

You can choose a bamboo palm plant that is a plant ornamental stem that is usually planted in a pot and usually used to beautify the room in the house. The advantages of having a bamboo palm in your house is the plant is able to clean the dirty air around it, so putting this plant in the family room is certainly good for your lung health.

Thank you for reading may be beneficial for you 😊

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