Top Success : All 6 brands have one thing in common

All 6 brands have one thing in common. They all started from a thought which became a thing. Once again, thoughts are things. They were all formulated from garages, universities, the internet etc. The uneducated doubted, ridiculed and spoke $h#t about the brand, their product and the CEO's. Guess what? You either own or owned their product, utilize their services or contributed to their revenue. 

Apple - $605 Billion
Google - $527 Billion
Amazon - $292.6 Billion
Harley - $8,9 Billion
Disney - $169,3 Billion 
Mattel - $10,9 Billion

If you know what you know about Apple, Google, Amazon, Harley, Disney & Mattel today, and you had the ability to go back in time and invest. Would you?