How to Decorate a New Shabby Chic Bedroom

How to Decorate a New Shabby Chic Bedroom -Shabby chic is a great decorating theme for a bedroom because it's all about comfort! Here are some simple steps to decorating shabby chic bedroom.

1: Define the style

shabby chic style tends to evoke thoughts of comfort and relaxation, with key elements including neutral or faded furnishings and found items. Shabby chic builds off of a white background, but there are many shades of white you can work with. Mixing brighter whites with aged whites is just fine. The usual accent colors are light blues, roses and sage greens, but you can certainly throw your own colors into the mix as long as they are muted, light or washed out. Remember that you are going for a gracefully aged look! Step 2: Don't get sloppy

Step 2 : Don't get sloppy

 If you choose shabby chic furniture pieces, make sure you throws are a bit more formal. Also make soure that items don't appear too stressed or use as this will cheapen the look of your room.
Step 3 ; Accessorize

 Lace a lace doily on the nightstand alongside the bed. You can also decorate the nightstand with some old pictures in antique silver frames. Utilize wood - scour antique store for wood chairs, tables, candle holders, picture frames, even chandeliers. If the wrought wood icludes decorative flower, all the better.