Dreamy House Design of 45 sqm with Open Space & Mezzanine

 Homeshabby.com - The houses are designed in triangular models that are indeed much loved today. Moreover, the minimalistic and simple design brings elegance to the house. This 2-storey house has a building area of 45 sqm and a land area of 96 sqm. The residential design equipped with a mezzanine model also adds to the space in this 2-storey house.


The use of gray and dark colors in several spots makes the design of this 45 sqm house look firm and attractive. Moreover, it is supported by wooden elements that color the house's exterior to make the atmosphere around the residence feel beautiful and soothing.

Living room

Entering the interior, this 45 sqm house is in open space design. To make the residence feel spacious and airy. On the ground floor, precisely in the main room, there is a living room, kitchen, and dining room designed without barriers. 

Even so, the right arrangement does not hinder each room's function and still makes the room look neat and comfortable.


This linear kitchen design adjusts to the size of a minimal place. Opposite the kitchen, there is a dining table which can be used as a reference barrier between rooms in this main room. 

The design that matches the interior makes the kitchen and dining room look eye-catching and stylish. Moreover, fresh plant decorations make the attraction increase and relax.


The minimalist and elegant design in the bedroom that has a small size looks chic and comfortable. The attractive design with several patterns and image decorations in several spots makes the bedroom look stylish and stunning.

Stairway area

Not only empty, you can use the area around the stairs as a functional place in this 45 sqm house. Such as being used as a workspace, mini library, reading area, and so on according to your needs and desires.

Mini garden

The mini garden next to the house looks eye-catching and fresh. Although small, the right arrangement can improve the atmosphere and effect of the mini garden. You can add pebbles or coral to support the natural atmosphere in this mini garden.

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Author - Yuniar