Split-Level House Design 5m x 19m Feel Homey

 Homeshabby.com - A split-level house is a house that has the style of each floor depending on each other. This will certainly give the effect of a house that is quite airy and has extra space. Below is a review of split-level houses that you can emulate and inspire. Find out more below about Split-Level House Design 5m x 19m Fell Homey.


The appearance of the façade of this house looks minimalist and simple. It can be said that this house has a box type-style design. With earth tone-style nuances and the outside of the house wearing breezeblock bricks makes the residence more comfortable and makes you feel at home.


The balcony or rooftop area itself looks small and minimalist. A brick roster fence, certainly helps this area look private but not stuffy. Place the lounger or set of seats to taste and to the appropriate size. Also, get plants as additional decorations so that this area feels comfortable and soothing.


Actually, this bedroom is not very spacious. However, the earth tone-style design that highlights natural colors and also white in the interior and furniture, makes the bedroom look spacious and airy. The selection and proper arrangement of both items and decorations also provide comfort in this bedroom.

Elongated kitchen area

Located on the ground floor, the kitchen and dining room are indeed used as one package. The kitchen is made single line, with a dining table in front of it making the design simpler but still comfortable. The ground floor area that is made without partitions also provides an accent room that is quite spacious and airy.

Fresh bathroom

Although small, this bathroom looks comfortable with ventilation and windows. You can decorate the bathroom by placing plants to make them fresher and can reduce moisture that causes mold to grow.

Floor plan

The picture above already explains the details of this split-level house. You can zoom the image above to see it more clearly. Or just download it for reference.

Source : www.happynest.vn - May House

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