Modern House Design is 7 Meters Wide with 3 Bedrooms - A modern house design nicely brings comfort to the dweller. Especially a house that is 7 meters wide, it must use clever ways for cozy residence. Find out more information about Modern House Design is 7 meters Wide with 3 Bedrooms.

Open plan interior

Using an open-plan concept, maybe can help the 7 meters of the house can be cozy and avoid the narrow effect. You can merge the living room with the kitchen for it. Then, use a dining table or mini bar as a barrier to separate them.

Main room

The interior of the first floor consists of a living room, kitchen, and dining room. You can design them nicely with a compact design. Use measured furniture and minimize the unimportant items for spacious areas.

Main bedroom

The main bedroom has a larger room than the other bedroom in this small house. You can make the main bedroom have a balcony or large windows. It will make the dweller feel comfy to spend time in this area with an outdoor view.

Kid's bedroom

Getting different designs for the kid's bedroom. You can make the bed located above and the under use for a workspace or study area. Then, decorate the interior or wall nicely, like adapting your favorite cartoon, Marvel, and others.

Guest bedroom

For the guest bedroom, you can design it simply. With the bed and other bedrooms needed in this area, you can make the interior of the bedroom design in basic hues or get similar to other bedrooms. Then, add a curtain at the window to make a private accent.

Source : rumah.iddea

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