76 sqm Perfect House Design with 4 Bedrooms


Homeshabby.com -- When building a house, of course, you will estimate each room that will be needed. One part that becomes very important for each family member is the existence of a bedroom as a private area. If you have several family members, the following house design is suitable for you with 4 bedrooms in a 76 sqm house. For the design details, check out 76 sqm Perfect House Design with 4 Bedrooms.

House facade design

For the front view, this house design has a bungalow-style facade that looks so distinctive with an atmosphere that feels soothing and memorable. There is a small staircase placed right in front of the main door, giving the building a neat impression. In addition, there is also a small porch that can be used as a relaxing area.

Side view

For the side view, this house design has interesting details to be an option that can beautify the house, namely by adding a garden that becomes greenery so that it makes the house look more alive and fresh. In addition, this house design also has a combination pyramid roof model that looks to have creative details.

Living room design

Entering the interior, this house design has a living room with a modest size but it changes instantly when the large windows around it bring sunlight into the room, so the living room will look more spacious. The living room wall area is also utilized as storage by adding shelves and cabinets.

Dining area and kitchen design

In addition to the living room, there are other areas nearby that are made to have no partitions, giving a more spacious impression. The dining area is dominated by wooden furniture which makes the room feel warmer. As for the kitchen, it has a white kitchen set for a clean and neat look.

Floor plan design

For a size of 76 sqm, this house design has a detail of 8 x 9.5 meters with several comfortable rooms inside. There is a living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and 4 bedrooms. See the detailed floor plan and size in the picture above.





Source : D'house of Arts

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