74 sqm Small House Design | Lovely Dwelling In Black

 Homeshabby.com - Design the small house in black maybe can try for a different atmosphere. Adding the deck outside also makes the small feel comfy to enjoy the environment. Let's find out more about 74 sqm Small House Design | Lovely Dwelling in Black. Check it out!


This letter L model house with a black tone design looks attractive. Combined with a terrace that uses bright-colored wood. Moreover, the design of the steps on the terrace shows that the elevation of the house runs perfectly.

Living room

The living room design makes those who spend time in this area feel comfy and pleasant. With a sofa, you can see the fireplace in the corner area. And make the empty area behind the sofa used for a bookcase.

Kitchen area

After the living room, you will see the kitchen area. This area looks pretty with a transparent roof which makes the kitchen overflowing with light and outside scenery. Merge the dining room with the kitchen for a pretty and efficient design.

Service area

Even though it is located in a small area, you can still design the laundry area well. Provide windows in this area to have good air circulation and lighting.


Arrange in a simple way, making the bathroom look stunning and cozy. There is a window make the bedroom that has good air and light. And you can also see the outside from the bedroom area.


Placed next to the laundry room, the bathroom has a bathtub and shower. And this bathroom also uses dividing for the wet and dry areas to make you cozy and satisfied. Although the design is in black hues, the furniture uses white or other bright hues that make a pretty bathroom.

Floor plan

House features:
  • terrace deck
  • living room
  • kitchen and dining room
  • laundry room
  • bathroom
  • 2 bedrooms

Source : Youtube - AVN Studio - House Design

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