Two Storey Minimalist House Design in Japanese Style - Japanese house design mostly combines white and wood hues. Which is both of them can bring calm and stunning design. You can try it for your house to make it a cozy dwelling. For more information, just look at the article below. Check it out!

Exterior home design

Built on 2 floors, this simple house looks stunning from the exterior view. There are used combination roofs for a pretty design. And also you can give natural material accents such as wood or rattan as decoration.

Living room area

Living rooms that use the sit-on-the-floor concept maybe bring Japanese characteristics. But, you can try it too. Especially with a large window and transparent curtain, it still keeps the privation but also can access the natural view from outside.

Private room

Still using the sit-on-the-floor concept, the private room can be used for private meetings or other that are needed for personal needs. You can put a mini table and cushions as sitting pads. Then, install a sliding door in Japanese style or other barriers for it.


There are workspaces that can be used for study or work from home. You can place this workspace in the bedroom or other space in this simple house. Just design in the right ways and not overdesign for keeping comfort and productivity.


The bedroom can be designed to your preferences. Create a window in the bedroom to make you have a comfy room. Using a minimalist concept will give you a pretty and coziest place in the home.


A kitchen that also has one room with a dining room can make an efficient design. Designing in white and wood hues or materials can make the kitchen look elegant and cozy for cooking. Just use the right arrangement for the stunning place.


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Author - Yuniar