Tips Bedroom Design for Convenience Equip with Workspace

 Homeshabby.comCan I design a one-room workspace with a bedroom? The answer is yes. You can make the right arrangement to put a workspace in one room with a bedroom without disturbing the function of each room. Here are the ideas below for your reference.

Bed area design

If your bedroom has windows, you have several options. You can place the bed near the window or the work desk near the window.

Actually, this is your individual preference and according to your convenience. But in this design, we exemplify if the bed is placed close to the window. You can see the image above for details. Looks comfortable, doesn't it?

L table for workspace

One trick to having a spacious and spacious work desk without clutter is, by using the letter L design model with one side for the work or study desk, and the other side as a cabinet that has a surface to display goods or as storage.

Place a mini cabinet close to the bed

Additional cabinets or small shelves near the bed are things you can apply. The existence of this small cabinet or shelf serves for you to put a sleeping lamp on it. And also store books or items for your needs such as cellphones or other items sleeping on the shelf of this cabinet.

Choose sleek lighting

And last but not least, additional lights. Many variations of lights today that you can choose according to your needs. And here we place the standing lamp as an additional lamp in addition to the main lamp. This additional lamp has various functions. Such as for sleeping lights, study lights, and others.

Source : Artisanal Home Design

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