Most Beautiful 76 Sqm Small House in Green

Most Beautiful 76 Sqm  Small House in Green -- As time goes by, home design also continues to change and develop its trends. Just like the Most Beautiful 76 Sqm Small House in Green below. This house has a size of 76 m2 with 3 bedrooms, suitable for small families. Looks beautiful and charming with a cute tosca green color. Let's check out the full details below!

Facade Design


Interesting view of a modern bungalow house. Attractive facade in white with a combination of tosca green pyramid roof. The house is equipped with a spacious terrace from the front to the side, safety fences, and beautiful carvings. A cozy and homey impression, suitable for both live in the village and the city.

Living Area

Living Area

The pastel colors are soft and attractive. The living room is furnished with a tosca green letter L sofa, with additional cushions to make it even more comfortable. In front of it is a backdrop and wall-mounted TV, complete with a cream-colored cabinet table underneath. 

Kitchen Idea


A compact kitchen suitable for small families. Equipped with a kitchen set complete with top-bottom cabinets and plenty of storage space. An interesting color combination of pastel tosca and black, with a white baksplash wall.

Bedroom Idea


The bedroom section also treads comfortably with its minimalist interior design style. The color combination is harmonious and fitting, with light colors that make the room more spacious. Small but functional furniture, neatly arranged so as not to make the room feel cramped.

Bathroom Idea


For those of you who love green, there's nothing wrong with getting creative with it. Instead of using the tosca color again, this bathroom looks elegant with dark green mosaic wall tiles. Combined with the white color, it makes this small bathroom look luxurious.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Home features:

- Porch

- Living Area

- Dining Room

- Kitchen

- Master Bedroom with En-suite Bathroom

- 2 Bedrooms

- 1 Public Bathroom

- Laundry Room

Source : Youtube - D'House of Arts

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Author - Rieka