How to Make Your Kitchen Environmentally Friendly

 Homeshabby.comCreating a healthy and friendly environment is certainly a fun thing in home design and decoration. Especially the kitchen area which is often synonymous with the impression of a small, narrow room, messy items, and stuffy air. However, it will be different if the kitchen in your home is designed as below.

Kitchen stuff


Placing kitchen utensils in place does help the kitchen look neater. You can use cabinets or shelves to place kitchen items. If the kitchen is small and does not have enough cabinets as storage, you can work around this. Like making hanging cabinets or shelves that are designed vertically.



The importance of ventilation in a room, especially a small room, because to let the air change regularly. In the kitchen area, in addition to making small vents, you can also make windows as access to air circulation and lighting.

Wood cabinets


Natural elements such as wood can give a fresh and natural impression in the kitchen. This environmentally friendly material is suitable for you to use as a furniture material such as cabinets, chairs, tables, and so on.

Floor design


To compensate for the friendly impression of kitchen design and décor, you can use wooden floors. In addition to wood, you can also use bamboo or other materials for the right accent.

Right lighting


One other important factor for the kitchen is light. In addition to using lights as the main lighting, you can make windows to let natural light into the kitchen area.

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