Warm White Tone House Suitable for Elderly Couples

 Homeshabby.comHaving a simple and comfortable house will make anyone feel at home to live in it. Minimalist design and proper arrangement will give the house a good appearance and also the desired comfort. And this design is suitable for all generations, especially for elderly couples who want tranquility.

Home design

The exterior appearance of a simple house looks simple and comfortable. Some plants also add to the appearance of this home which is suitable for all ages. The design that applies the farmhouse concept also makes the atmosphere more soothing and close to nature.

Porch area

No need to overdo it in placing some items or furniture, the presence of plants as decorations in this terrace area makes the atmosphere fresh and looks complete.

Warm living room

The combination of natural elements and white in the living room gives the impression of a warm atmosphere. You can place furniture with natural elements such as wooden chairs or wooden tables for example. The presence of plants also makes the room more neat.

Comfortable bedroom design

Bedroom or more precisely master bedroom has a chic design and is more spacious than other bedrooms. Equipped with a private bathroom, making residents feel more comfortable and private. You can use the sliding door as a barrier between the bathroom and this bedroom to be more efficient and save space.

Kitchen area

Dominance of white, makes the kitchen area look wider and cleaner. Supported by a wide enough window, it also provides good circulation and lighting in this kitchen area. The use of natural elements such as rocks, bricks, and wood makes the kitchen more stunning and fresh.

Floor plans

For the farmhouse floor plan, you can see the details in the picture above. In addition to the explanation of several rooms, there is also the size of each room. So it will make it easier for you when you want to see and design the size of the house as a reference.

Source : www.reiwa.com.au - 137 Flamborough Street

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Author - Yuniar