450 sqm Luxury Modern House Design with Private Pool and 6 Bedrooms

 Homeshabby.comLuxury homes with modern designs are certainly very attractive. Moreover, it is equipped with facilities such as swimming pools. Make you more comfortable to live in it. Let's see the reviews below about luxury homes with private pools.

Luxury house design

It looks like the design of the house from the exterior is attractive with white shades that decorate it. Classic touches in some places also make the house look magnificent and sturdy. Some wooden elements that decorate the exterior such as window frames make the design not monotonous.

Front view

Entering the gate, there is a carport on the side of the house. And beside the carport, there is a fairly large yard with grass that makes the atmosphere feel refreshing.

Back view

And for the appearance of the back area of the house, looks in line with the front area of the house. The difference is, that the back area of this house is equipped with a swimming pool that is on point. The existence of a garden before the swimming pool also makes the atmosphere of the house feel more natural and interesting.

Private pool

The design of this rectangular swimming pool is by the size of the existing land. The concept of elevation or height of the swimming pool that is equal to the surrounding ground makes it look attractive and does not make accents messy or awkward.

Living area

The interior is dominated by white color giving an accent room that looks spacious and clean. A touch of wood brown and also the warm color of the lights make the design look more attractive and welcoming. Make a neat ceiling decoration so that the living room looks more lively and aesthetic.

Spacious bedroom

This spacious bedroom looks comfortable and soothing. Designed properly, you only need to place important items so as not to make the space look stuffy and messy.

Source : broproperti.jogja

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